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Manned Guarding

Stately Security provides a high quality static guarding service throughout the UK. We have professionally trained, unrivaled, security officers that can be deployed on site anywhere in the UK within 4 hours. Our Operations team would carefully select personnel according to the project requirements and site specific training is given prior to commencement of any project.

Stately Security staff are fully trained in the variety of assignments we deliver, updated in all health and safety laws. Our officers are proactive, customer focused and attentive, they give 110% always and will quickly resolve security related issues calmly, tactfully and above all professionally. Whatever your business sector, size or complexity, Stately Security's guarding services can be tailored to suit your needs, taking care of risk assessment, full site inspection, onsite training, the length of contract you require and much more.

All sites and security officers working on them will be subject to Stately Security's regular supervisory and management visits to ensure that very highest standards are maintained.